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We are a community of over 7000 volunteers and alumni, driven by the love of learning and global right to education. Since 2004, we’ve applied our self-sustaining social enterprise model to raise over $2.5 million dollars for global education projects while supporting over 100,000 students with their exams.

We are a nationally registered charity (#81495 0416 RR 0001), driven by student-led chapters at more than 24 campuses. Learn more about our story and our impact.

Raising Marks. Raising Money.Raising Roofs.

SOS on Campus and Exam Aid Sessions

Exam Aids are three hour group review sessions that occur prior to a midterm or final test. Each session is taught by a student volunteer with exceptional communication skills, who has previously excelled in that particular course. They will take you over the material covered on the upcoming exam through a fun, and interactive session, full of relevant examples and opportunities for questions. Afterwards, you’ll get a take-home package to help you ace your upcoming exam!

Outreach Trips

Get Involved.
Make An Impact.
Travel Abroad.

Proceeds from Exam Aid sessions go towards sustainable development projects. Volunteers also have the opportunity to bring their campus-funded project to life through hands on involvement. Whether it’s a classroom, library, computer lab or school kitchen, our volunteers help build it from the ground up during two week trips to our partner communities in Central and South America. These trips foster communities of active and aware citizens through an immersive experience of cultural exchange

Trips cost under $2,500 (including accommodations, flights, in country transportation, insurance, meals, and support from SOS and our partnering organizations). We’ve coordinated over 1500 students to travel to partner communities in Central and South America. Join us this May or August to become part of our network of global citizens!

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